Green Practices

Restoration is the ultimate in green building practice. Re-working existing buildings and re-using materials minimizes our carbon footprint. Plus, older materials typically are of a higher, more lasting quality than what can be purchased today. Whether it is gaining efficiency through restoring old sashes and installing high quality storm windows , or repurposing materials to EcoBuilding Bargains we are not your typical contractor.

No matter what we do, we always leave a tighter building than when we started. In addition, when more specific energy retrofits are a priority for you, we have a team member with a certificate in renewable energy/energy efficiency who can help guide your decision-making process. We will then implement the selected strategies to make your home more efficient, more sustainable, and more comfortable.

Patronizing local vendors whenever possible and minimizing construction waste are equally part of our commitment to being smart, responsible members of the community.

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